Breathing protection

Respiratory protection is essential for employees in many industries. Whether dust particles, aerosols or gases; wherever there are harmful pollutants in the air, it is necessary to wear the right respiratory protection. At Stuco you will find the right product.

If smoke particles, fine dust, aqueous aerosols or toxic gases are inhaled over a long period of time, they damage the body's respiratory system. Because employees in industry, mechanical engineering, the agricultural industry or the chemical industry sometimes come into contact with hazardous gases, smoke or fine dust on a daily basis, the wearing of a respiratory protection mask is mandatory for certain workplaces. The mask covers the nose and mouth (half masks) or the entire face (full face masks) and reduces or prevents the inhalation of harmful substances. A respirator can either be equipped with a compressed air breathing system so that you can breathe independently of the circulating air or it can be fitted with a respiratory protection filter. Safety in the workplace is a priority for many companies, and respiratory protection products play an important role when it comes to protecting the health of employees.
In our range, you will find numerous products and items that, when used correctly, can greatly improve health and safety at work.
In addition to respiratory protection products, our range also includes safety shoes, work shoes and leisure shoes as well as hearing protection, eye protection, head protection, face protection, hand protection, skin protection, skin cleansing, skin care and corresponding accessories.