head protection

For many professions and jobs, a hard hat or bump cap is essential protective equipment and protects the head from various injuries.  

There are two basic types of head protection. The first is the hard hat, which is designed for heavy loads and protects against falling objects, or the bump cap, which protects against injury when the head hits a solid object.

Helmets and bump caps are available in a wide variety of designs. Depending on the area of work, it is important to choose the right product in terms of material and features. Helmets used for working at height, for example, have special chin straps to prevent the protective covering from slipping. Helmets can usually be combined with other protective products such as hearing protection or face protection. The compatibility of the products must be taken into account.

In contrast to helmets, bump caps only offer limited protection and must never be used where helmets are mandatory. Even if helmets are not compulsory in a workplace, there is a risk of injuring your head on sharp edges or protruding objects, especially in industrial buildings or warehouses. In such cases, a bump cap is the ideal protection to prevent injuries to the head.  

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