Software asa-control

We like it safe and simple

asa-control – the Intelligent System

The web-based asa-control software allows you to always maintain the overview and easily implement any required safety, health and hygiene measures.

asa-control is more than just a simple documentation and control tool; it accompanies you through all processes in the implementation of occupational safety.

The automatic documentation and recording of all cases allows for the ongoing verification of all statutory measures. This allows you to ensure that all the risks and hazards in your company, as well as the corporate liabilities that arise due to laws and regulations, are successfully minimized. asa-control helps you to work even more successfully and effectively. And the best thing is asa-control is a web-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere. There is nothing to install and it can be used immediately.

See the intelligent asa-control system live

Want to experience asa-control in real life? No problem; we can make it happen, no strings attached and in any setting you desire. Simply complete the Live Demo booking form. Online demo on your screen or on site presentation, we look forward to seeing you.

Online demo

We demonstrate the possibilities and advantages of asa-control live on your workstation. This will allow you to quickly gain an impression of the power of asa-control. You will see how you can optimize occupational safety and health in your company and thus reduce costs.

On-site presentation

An on-site presentation has the advantage that you can provide a team of interested staff and we can address the questions of the team individually. You will be surprised how easily we can map your organization and process structure, and provide the desired modules.